• Menzio GmbH

    Den Wind erkennen

    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

    Entendemos el viento

    Reconnaître le vent


FAKON Wind GmbH supports its customers professionally in all phases of their onshore and offshore projects. Our experienced team is at our customers' disposal from the planning stage through construction and commissioning to operational monitoring. Our service portfolio is divided into the main groups of construction supervision, project management, preparation of expert opinions, due diligence and expert services. With FAKON Wind GmbH, menzio GmbH has gained a cooperation partner and benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the wind industry as well as from excellent management and leadership qualities.


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S.Trommen Eólica is a startup dedicated to solving future energy supply and to geo planning. I offer geotechnical alternative solutions, off-grid technologies (wind, solar), efficient energy storage possibilities and various geo services for a greener future with focus on remote regions worldwide.