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Climate analyses

Growing air temperatures due to climate change have an impact on different sectors as agriculture or the security of electricity supplies. We analyse the influence of weather and climate using data from measurements, prognoses, climate models or reanalyses.
Wind map Germany
Analysis of as-is state
  • Evaluation of several national and global measuring data (e. g. HYRAS-data for Germany)
  • Consideration of historical data where applicable
  • Analysis of wind speed, air temperature, precipitation and further meteorological data
  • Development of transfer functions (horizontal, vertical)
  • Preparation of maps diagrams and tables
Hot days Germany
Evaluation of different climate model data
  • Analyses of reference ensemble data of the Germany weather service (DWD)
  • Consideration of data from the IPCC-reports
  • Evaluation of different future periods until the year 2100
  • Calculation of statistics (e. g. mean air temperature, maximum gust wind speed, hot days, ...)
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Case study: Impact of growing air temperatures on the dimensioning of power grids
  • Evaluation of historical data and climate model scenarios for the transmission network operator Amprion
  • Effects of growing air temperatures on the maximum transmission capacity
  • Vertical and horizontal transfer of input data to the locations of electrical towers